• Website Ordering for Restaurants
    Accept Online Orders Today
    bring your takeout or delivery business online
  • Orders By Fax
    Accept Them Now
    How It Works
    Many businesses currently already accept orders by fax.
    Menuclick system will utilize this and send your website orders
    to your fax machine. You have the option of accepting cards
    online or processing them through your
    current merchant services terminal.
  • Orders By PC
    Accept Them Now
    How It Works
    With a Computer in your Restaurant,
    You can recieve orders over the internet
    Our system will alert you when an order has been placed.
    You can respond quickly and timely to any order placed.
  • Receiving Orders
    It's Up To You
    Choose What Fits Your Business Model
    How you Receive orders is always tricky.
    We have many methods to alert you of a new order.
    You can choose from Fax, SMS Text, Email, PC or Phone.
    Menuclick will build you the perfect solution for your restaurant.
Menuclick will build you a website or work with your existing website

Getting your business online couldn't be easier. More and more people and businesses are looking to order food online.
Accept Orders Online Now.

about Menuclick

Menuclick gives you the ability to accept orders online. Our services will bring new customers with larger orders to any restaurant with delivery or takeout business.

Menuclick will build your restaurant a professional website or work with your current website. You have the option to use your own merchant services or ours. You also have the option to choose how you will receive orders.

Our Features

  • Professional Website

    Your website will accept orders online

  • New Customers

    Appeal to a new audience

  • Larger Orders

    Online orders are on average larger!

  • Custom Solutions

    Fitted solutions to suit your business model

  • Handicap Accessible

    Website will work for those in need

  • Menu Updating

    Easilly update your menu

  • User Friendly

    Interactive menus easilly understood

  • A Great Asset

    Menuclick adds value to your business

our system uses: